This course covers all the topics that make international purchasing different and more challenging than domestic purchasing. It is approximately 16 hours of training material.


  • Cultural Skills: The few essential ways that business cultures differ, country-specific information, and how to use differences to your advantage.
  • Legal Skills: How to adjust legal practices and expectations when writing international agreements.
  • Communication Skills: How to communicate better with suppliers in other countries, including written, verbal and body-language skills.
  • Currency Selection and Risk Management Skills: Selecting the best currency in which to set prices, understanding to true impact of exchange rate changes and understanding the risks and benefits of hedging.
  • Supply Chain Skills: What to expect from a logistics system, how duties are determined, how to save money in customs, and how to avoid common trade compliance problems.
  • Channel Skills: How to choose and obtain the best channel for procurement.
  • Payment Skills: How to pay the supplier quickly and easily.
  • Global Sourcing Skills: How to use the above knowledge to find, engage, and manage the world's best suppliers.